Eva & Frosty - Child Portraiture Dartmoor

girl pony photo session dartmoor devon

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, I’m sure that by now you know how much I love living on Dartmoor. There is so much to enjoy about living here, but I especially have a soft spot for the Dartmoor ponies. Over the past year it has been a real pleasure photographing children with their ponies. There’s something sweet and magical about children and pets anyway, but with ponies, there seems to be a real bond. It’s this connection that I love. It’s so pure. You’re not asking a child to pose for the camera, you’re asking them to just be themselves with their beloved friend.  

Eva & Frosty 02 Dartmoor, Devon

Back in September, I met up with Eva and her pony Frosty (well, it’s actually her mum’s pony from when she was little which is extra special). Eva has grown up around animals and like most two to three year olds out there, they like to let them know who is boss – which made me giggle quite a lot! My youngest son is roughly the same age as Eva and he thinks he owns our cat…she often lets him know otherwise!

girl and pony photo session golden hour devon

There is no shyness to Eva! She was in charge of the shoot right from the start and I just did as I was told! We had a huge amount of fun. We worked out what clothes she was going to wear. I carefully went through her drawers, and then Eva decided that we couldn’t possibly see all the various options so she tipped everything on her bed. We agreed, then disagreed, and then finally came to a compromise (which she wasn’t willing to put on – anyone else out there have a similar problem with their three year old?). 

Eva & Frosty 04 Dartmoor Devon.jpg

A little bit of encouraging (aka bribing) and we are dressed and ready to head out to find Frosty. Until this point the weather was rather grey and dull, but it seemed that the clouds were clearing and they made way for the most beautiful sunset. Added to this a fantastic tree-lined meadow with long grass we also had a perfect location. We played silly games, fed apples to Frosty and took photos till the sun went down. And laughed a lot. What a fantastic photoshoot! I love the happiness and energy in Eva’s photos. Mummy was very pleased with them too!

If you love these photos and would like your own photos of your child with their pony I would love to hear from you. 

girl pony golden light photo session devon dartmoor
Eva & Frosty 06 Dartmoor Devon