Maddie in the daffodils - Dunsford, Devon

Daffodil photo dunsford devon

If you have not yet been to see the daffodils at Dunsford woods, it is well worth the trip! It is such a beautiful spot along the river, and the daffodils sit in a lovely clearing basking in the sun with a couple of benches to sit on. It's idyllic and ideal for a picnic. I've taken my boys on walks along the river several times where they've enjoy paddling from the little beaches or jumping in frozen puddles in the winter. But until this year, I have always missed the daffodils because I've always got my timings wrong! 

So this year, my lovely babysitter who lives out that way had been keeping a watchful eye over the daffodils for me. And I had Maddie (a dear friend's daughter) ready with her outfit. The second week of April I got the go ahead and off we went. To be honest, we were probably a bit late in the end. I reckon the daffodils may have been at their peak around the 7th April this year, which may be a bit later than usual after all the cold weather and the snow. 

Maddie had such a lovely time and she looked so pretty in the middle of the daffodils. I brought along a shop-bought bunch (or two) for her to hold and a sweet watering can for her to fill up with daffodils I had hidden all around. She loved searching for them! We all had so much fun taking these daffodil photos. 

Gorgeous vintage-style clothing (bonnet and bloomers) by Runaround Retro.

We were very respectful of the daffodils - we didn't pick any or trample them! If you would like to visit the daffodils in Dunsford wood you can follow the link to the Devon Wildlife Trust page:

daffodils bunch photos dunsford devon
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