Creative Ballet Session | Buckfastleigh, Devon

What fun we had at this old church in Buckfast, Devon! I’ve had the privilege of photographing Grace a number of times, and I just knew this location would suit her down to the ground. We had initially planned to meet for our creative ballet session last October, but due to a foot injury, Grace was unable to dance for a few months. And then of course, in the run up to Christmas life gets a little busy and it also gets a lot colder, so we decided to postpone for a while.

But, we were both itching to get out on location. So when the weather warmed up a little, we decided to give it a go. It was a beautiful February evening (which we were hoping for) and although it was chilly, it was bearable.

The location is fabulous. It’s an old church which was (very sadly) recently destroyed by fire, leaving the most beautiful church shell. Only the bell has been preserved. The whole setting is a photographer’s dream, with beautiful light, shapes, tones and texture. It didn’t take long for me to find my favourite wall to use as a backdrop.

Grace is a gorgeous ballerina, inside and out, and I absolutely adore working with her. I believe we work together nicely. I’m quite a quiet, observant photographer who allows ballerinas time to settle into poses, perfect posture and gently direct as needed. Grace has a lovely way of being so content in her own little dance world, and me, my photography world - and somehow that works beautifully. It’s an unspoken understanding.

Here’s a heart-warming testimonial Grace wrote after our session:

When I first met Annie I instantly knew she was going to be amazing, she makes you feel so welcome and is so so encouraging! I love working with her a she has such amazing visions for each shoot that capture your personality amazingly! 
It’s an amazing feeling dancing in some really beautiful and picturesque places, I always get so excited for the end pictures. I’ve done a few shoots now and every single one I enjoyed every second. I think everyone needs an Annie in their life to create memories that last forever! Thank you Annie for always believing in me and supporting my hopes and dreams. Love Grace xxx

If you’re thinking of booking a ballet photo session, I would highly recommend having a little dance routine prepared before coming. It’s important for a couple of reasons, 1) it gives us a starting point for our time spent together and will naturally evolve into something that feels conformable and looks great and 2) it can be off-putting to dance without a mirror so practicing a routine ahead of time enables you to feel more confident about your poses and posture. But either way, I’m here to guide you into a body shape that looks great and shows off your skills and talent.

In summary, what a fabulous location! Such a fun evening to spend hanging out with this superb dancer, her mum and her grandma! Lots of giggles were had, a few shivers, some warm tea, a fair bit of talcum powder and the result - loads of photos to share. I love them all, I just can’t chose a favourite.

If you would like your own Creative Ballet Session, I would love to hear your own ideas or if you need a little inspiration, we can have a chat and come up with something together.

If you would like to follow Grace’s journey, find her on Instagram as @gracie_ballerina21

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