Winter Wonderland | Dartmoor Portrait Photographer

Dartmoor photographer snow portrait

How is it March already!? Please someone slow the time down!

I’ve finally put a short blog together of my little snow session from the end of January.

I can’t really plan for snow shoots. The weather is pretty unpredictable at the best of times and until the last couple of years, it hasn’t really snowed much on Dartmoor. The second reason is, that unless you live in Chagford, the likelihood of me being able to get out of Chagford by car to meet up with you for a snow session is pretty unlikely. Chagford is wonderful when it snows as we do become completely cut off and for a couple of days it turns into an alpine-like community of sledging, snowboarding and skiing. It’s truly wonderful and lots of fun (except for the cold hands and feet, and the lack of ski tow!).

Snow photography winter Devon girl portrait

The snowfall this year was very different to last year. The snowflakes were really large, light and fluffy and this coated the tress so beautifully to create the most magical winter wonderland. I hadn’t really planned on a photo session as such, other than photographing my boys in the snow. But after spending the morning outside and being absolutely blown away by the beauty of the landscape, I changed my mind. I’ve never done a ‘proper’ snow session as such and I was really excited about the prospect. Also I had the perfect model in mind, with the most delightful outfit.

outdoor snow photography winter portrait

It was such a lovely setting to take photos in. And I LOVE that muffled silence that the snow brings. It feels like you are alone in this beautiful frosted world. We did a little loop around the common. It wasn’t without hiccups I may add! Lots of snow in boots, being snow bombed by lumps of snow sliding off trees and I also took a little tumble by tripping over a rock hidden under the snow. We all got rather cold too, but I think the photos were very worth it. I love the bright, fresh look the snow creates as it reflects light all around. I’m really glad I had this opportunity. Thank you so much to my little model and to her mum for braving the cold.

winter photo session fun devon

At the beginning of the year I like to plan some creative sessions to try out new photography and editing techniques. I learned a lot through this session and I have to say these photos sit very much amongst my favourites.