Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon, fine art photography by Annie Renwick

My story

I visualize, I create, I perfect. I love finding the beauty in everyday life and watching the light change through the seasons. I find much inspiration in nature and in the locations I discover,  where the light alone can make places look magical. I also love the beauty of portraiture and over the years have developed my own distinctive style. Since having children I have come to realize that the emotion a portrait carries goes beyond its beauty and so finding connection in my photography has led to a new journey of learning and discovery for me. Freezing moments of childhood in time and capturing those little details forever is what photography is all about; that little scrunched up nose, that expression that is just so them, those baby curls and chubby feet, acting out favourite songs or dressing up as a princess or a knight – there’s so much as a mum that I want to bottle up and remember forever. I take photos because time goes by too quickly and our children grow up so fast.

I want to help you capture the story of your family and leave you with memories that you will cherish forever and will always make you smile. If you would like to know a bit about me as a person, have a read below or click on through to The Experience to find out how we can create beautiful photos of your family together.


It’s strange to see ourselves from the outside. Suddenly I can see how time flies and the boys are grown up already.
— Sophie Rocher


About Me...

My desire to document life through photography took hold in 2006 while I was building my portfolio to apply for a Master’s degree in wildlife filmmaking. At the time I lived in Beijing, a city soldiering into the modern world. The pace of destruction was astonishing and I felt compelled to record it. I used black and white film and developed in the darkroom. I was hooked!

Later, I qualified as primary school teacher and had a very creative approach to teaching. I loved watching children’s imagination at play and their infectious joy and marvel at the world. Slowly this lead me to photograph more children in my street photography wanderings. The passion developed from there.


I love to travel, to discover new places and cultures. I’m very much drawn to areas of great wilderness. I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced a night in a hammock in the heart of the Amazon, dived with sharks in the South Pacific, flown in a four-seater propeller plane over the Philippines and hiked ancient parts of the Great Wall. My big thing is snorkeling, so I may very well get itchy feet on a dark and cold winter’s night on Dartmoor…

Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon, fine art photography by Annie Renwick

As a mum of two busy (gorgeous!) boys, I love to explore the hills of Dartmoor building dams, stick dens, splashing in puddles, blowing in the wind, looking for wild flowers and funny-looking mushrooms, making daisy chains and doing all the things that make childhood so special. And afterwards, we all enjoy coming home to a slice of homemade cake and I love for my boys to tell me it’s delicious!

That’s me in a nutshell.


Thank you for capturing a wonderful, innocent moment in time with my daughters. All too often I stop and ask ‘Where has that week/month gone?’ and barely have time to see my girls grow up before my eyes.
— Michael Quinn

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