Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon

The Experience

If the thought of coaxing your family into being well behaved for the camera fills you with dread, please don’t worry. I tailor every shoot to suit you, taking into account the childrens' nap times, the time of day which you’re all at your best and I always make time for snacks to avoid any crankiness!

My thoughtful and intuitive direction will take the stress out of the day for you; it’s my aim to capture you and your children simply having fun and being yourselves – because that’s when you’ll look your best. This is not only about creating some beautiful photographs, but about taking time out to just be you. And what a rare luxury that is.


Annie has an ability to capture the character and spirit of the children she photographs. I love the natural quirky locations she suggests and her thoughtful use of props also makes the photographs feel even more unique.
— Kelly McEwan

Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon
Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon
Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon

Once you've booked a date

There are many reasons you may have booked me as your photographer: perhaps to capture the first days of your newborn baby; creating memories of your children’s vivid imagination; or simply to freeze a perfect family moment in time. I want to make the whole experience of your session as effortless and enjoyable as possible. My Welcome Booklet is packed full of information and advice about how to get the most out of your session. But if you don’t have much time on your hands, don’t worry, I will phone you (or meet you in person whenever possible) to go through all the details, such as the best time of day for your session, the location, your children’s interests and personalities, clothing, use of props, wall display ideas and all the ‘ingredients’ which will make a photography session unique to your family.


I’m a very detailed person. I like things to be just so – there, I’ve said it! The mood of a photograph has a LOT to do with the styling and the thought that has gone into preparing the look and location of the photo session. Through styling you can evoke all sorts of feelings; dreamy, whimsical, fun, energetic. What’s your style? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, I will help you every step of the way in getting ready for your photography session.


The day of your session

It’s time to create some memories & beautiful art together! My sessions typically last two hours (sometimes longer if we are just having too much fun!) so there is plenty of time to stop for a snack and a change of outfits if you wish. This is the time for your children to be spoilt with our attention and embark on a wonderful childhood adventure! There may get a little dirty from poking around in the mud and they may be a little windswept, but at the end of your session their cheeks will be rosier and their minds will be fuller! As a family you can relax and enjoy being together. This is your time to snuggle, to smile and laugh, to play hide and seek, to have tickle fights or simply to have a quiet time. This is your moment. I will show you to the best light on location and give you direction, but hopefully, for some time at least, you can forget that I’m even there. 


The girls thoroughly enjoyed the session and often ask when the next ‘playdate’ with Annie will be!
— Sally Broadbent

Annie Renwick fine art childrens photographer in Devon

What happens next?

I set to work on picking and hand-editing 30-40 images from your session. Within three weeks I will send you a link to a private online gallery where you and your family will be able to view your photographs. We can then meet up or chat over the phone to discuss the photographs and decide how you’d like to display them – be that as an album, or as mounted prints that can be framed. I will set a delivery date for when you can expect to be unwrapping all your gorgeous photographs. How exciting!