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I’m Annie, a Dartmoor-based pho­tographer specialising in family and children portraiture. My style is often described as natural, time­less and full of light. I’m so lucky to have the moors as my open-air studio where outdoorsy families can enjoy a relaxed photography experience tailored to their individual needs. Mini adventures, splashing in puddles, poking around with sticks, twirling in the wind and running downhill with your arms wide-open are all part of the fun. 


Natural, timeless photography in beautiful surroundings


I’m a mum of two busy boys. Since becoming a mum my reasons for taking photos has changed. I take photos be­cause time goes by too quickly and our children grow up so fast. I was recently reminiscing over some photos of my youngest when he was 18 months old sitting on his rocking horse. I couldn’t believe how much he had changed. Freezing moments of childhood in time and capturing those little details forever is what my work is all about; the baby curls, the chubby thighs, that little ex­pression or acting out a favourite song. These days our lives are so busy it can be hard to take time out to appreciate the little things we take for granted day to day. Let me capture the story of your family for you to remember forever with my beautiful, timeless portraits taken in Dartmoor National Park.

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Annie’s photos are spectacular. The pictures she took of my daughters are ethereal and nothing short of stunning. We had such a magical evening playing in the woods on Dartmoor in the fading spring light. She knows just how to capture the spirit and individuality of her subjects whilst choosing the most beautiful scenery to do it in. We will treasure our photos.
Thank you Annie!
— Amye Farrell